Another Great Fundraising Year:

With our 2013 fundraising, we were able to support the Harnas Wildlife Foundation in purchasing much needed supplies to bring with us to the farm as well as purchase while in country during visits in February and August 2014.  



Unique Fundraising:

In 2014, Harnas USA received the gift of a Dale Chihuly glass creation from a large private collector to use for fundraising.  Harnas USA is happy to report that it was sold!  Harnas USA would like to thank all those involved, this is a great start to our 2015 fundraising!

Major Donation of Animal Clinic Supplies Continues

Harnas volunteer and our very own Board Member, Linda Decarlo, a US nurse practitioner, continues to fulfill her mission to source goods for the benefit of the local San Tribe and the Nick and Nico Van der Merwe Veterinarian Clinic at Harnas.  In February and August 2014, Linda arrived at Harnas with four large suitcases for total of 700 pounds of equipment, utensils and medical related products to stock the clinic.  Supplies included an difibulator, vitamins, medicines, and surgical supplies.  These supplies were from various Harnas USA supporters.