Raise Awareness
Transport In-Kind Gifts
Adopt an Animal

If you live in North America and are interested in helping us raise awareness about the Harnas Wildlife Foundation and the work that is being done there to care for the injured, orphaned and displaced animals as well as the work that is being done to protect the threatened wildlife and habitats from harmful human encroachment, please contact us at


Should you want to adopt a specific animal being cared for at Harnas, please contact us at and we can help provide the most current list of animals in need and what it takes to foster their care.

Is a trip to the Harnas Wildlife Foundation sanctuary in Namibia in your future?  Harnas USA collects supplies, books and on other non-monetary donations throughout the year and can use help in transporting these goods to Harnas Wildlife Foundation.  Interested in being a “mule” for Harnas USA by taking an extra suitcase with you to Harnas?  Please contact us at to learn more.  We will provide an itemized list of supplies and deliver the items to you before your departure.