Founder's Story

In 2008, Catherine Leon founded Harnas African Wildlife Rescue as an IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation in California after an awe-inspiring visit to Harnas Wildlife Foundation in Namibia.  Catherine was moved by the extraordinary rescue stories of cheetahs, African wild dogs, baboons, and countless other species down to meerkats and owls.




Harnas USA was formed with the twin goals of increasing America’s exposure/raise awareness to wildlife in Africa and encouraging other Americans to support the unique, beautiful, and often increasingly threatened and often endangered wild animals of Africa, specifically those in Namibia.  Harnas USA has incrementally grown each and every year with a steady stream of enthusiastic volunteers, most of whom have made the trip to Namibia and experienced the wonders of the Harnas sanctuary itself.


We at Harnas USA seek to expand awareness and provide the vehicle for Americans to help those animals.  With each person who donates or visits the Harnas sanctuary in Namibia or simply speaks to others about the cause, the wildlife in Africa will benefit.


Harnas USA Board of Directors and Volunteers are located throughout the United States.

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